Transaction services

With over 50 years of combined experience under their belts, the Associates at Edgar Brandt Advisory have an excellent grasp of the processes related to recovery operations, mergers & acquisitions as well as business transfer.

With client service in mind, Edgar Brandt Advisory developed Asset Dynamics®, a proprietary tool integrating the most recent research on business valuation and intangible assets.

To us, a business is not defined by a set of financial statements but is primarily a dynamic set of activities and resources. The due diligence and evaluation work we do enables us to identify key activities that create value for a company. It also allows us to compare its efficiency with our database of best practices. Going way beyond the numbers, we deliver substantial content on the company’s ability to generate value and on its potential for improvement.

Working under the highest standards of confidentiality and drawing upon all of our expertise, we provide tailor-made, transparent, solutions that remain under the clients’ control.

Business Valuation

A valuation should never be a useless, academic exercise but should enable the dialogue between buyer and seller, or between shareholders. To achieve this objective, we produce an analysis providing it’s users with a structured argument articulating the relationship between the specificity of the company and its value.

Business transfer support

An integral service that, from the definition of transfer scenarios to the negotiation with the buyer, gives our clients a global overview of the process, as well as detailed, fully transparent information throughout the transaction.

Acquisition support

From the search for buyers to closure of the transaction, we cover every step of the process. Our experience in this field allows us to identify the ability of the target company to generate value over time and to underline the post-acquisition actions required to secure the value of the investment.