Consulting services

Consistently delivering relevant and useful answers to our clients requires know-how and expertise, but not only.

Developing the right solution for the specificities of each situation is not possible without strong personal commitment and a sense of strict confidentiality that is the basis for an open and fruitful dialogue.

And as true solutions must make a real impact in an ever-changing context, they must blend pragmatism with innovation.

Below are some of the ways in which we support our clients.

Strategy Consulting

 We assist business leaders in a multidimensional and structured approach with this exercise, leaving no room for the gap so frequently experienced between a theoretical plan and its realization.

 Operational and Organizational Consulting

Our approach to this type of issue will be to bring forward our broad industry experience and an international network of experts focusing on the key success mechanisms: powerful diagnostic tools and the systematic integration of the company’s strengths in the analysis.

Audit and due diligence

Beyond their important task of highlighting facts, we are committed to delivering direct answers and action oriented advice to our clients. The singularity offer lies in our ability to analyze tangible and intangible assets as well as value creation mechanisms.

Valuation and business transfer

From the development of business transfer scenarios to negotiation support and overall coordination of the process, our approach keeps business owners in control and ensures the best possible outcome. Our approach to valuation provides an articulated view of the elements constituting a company’s value.

Management teams development

The additional pressures of a mutating business environment can be a serious challenge to a management team’s ability to perform. We use our long track record of collaborative work with management teams as well as established methods to consolidate the contribution of individuals, rebuild the team’s dynamic potential, and redefine shared priorities.