PIM (Private Investment Monitor) Reports are based upon a proprietary framework, Asset Dynamics®. This framework has been developed to reflect the consensus around a key fact regarding the value of a company: a company’s ability to generate value overtime is critically dependent on how well it carries out the different aspects of its activities. One activity overlooked or neglected, and the damage overtime to the company as a whole can be crippling.

Asset Dynamics® links five intuitive components of a company’s value to the global registry of the principal productive activities common to all most types of companies. This registry has been developed over several decades by numerous professionals.


PIM Reports are produced through structured information gathering at the company. Interviews are organized with key people within the organization in order to establish how the different activities are being taking care of within the company.

The reality on the ground is then compared to the generally accepted best practices – as well as industry examples – contained in Asset Dynamics®. The results are gathered in a “red-amber-green” report format that highlights areas of concerns in terms of the ability of the company to generate value overtime.


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