Asset Dynamics®

The fruit of several years of development work and rooted in a long track record of dealing with operational and strategic issues, Asset Dynamics® is a dynamic, and therefore predictive, model of company value.

The model establishes an exhaustive link between all processes and activities within a company and the five components of its value.

Further supported by databases containing generally accepted best practices in business management and several hundreds of real life cases, Asset Dynamics® constitutes a powerful tool for monitoring companies and their ability to generate value.

Within the context of our services for investors in private companies, Asset Dynamics® is the framework to identify and assess all value creation mechanisms within the companies we monitor.

In that respect, it constitutes the core of an ongoing analysis that focuses on protecting the value of the investment. Because Asset Dymamics® is a systematic, powerful and efficient tool for strategic, organizational and operational assessment of companies, it has become an integral part of our services for executives.