Direct investments / Private equity services

Excellence in the management of your direct investments, worldwide.

HNWIs, family offices and trusts do invest directly in private companies, i.e. not through third party funds. As passion, in addition to expected financial returns, plays a role in making these investment decisions, success for the investor is determined both by financial returns and entrepreneurial fulfillment.

The intrinsic fragility and riskiness of these investment situations is often overlooked and they tend to be left to develop without sufficient oversight.

Edgar Brandt Advisory is the first company to have developed a complete and modular service offering that specifically addresses the needs of investors in private companies. Key characteristics of these services are: adherence to the highest professional standards, total transparency, systematic support to decision making and coherence over time.
Due diligence, valuation, business review…

That is the essential work required at different stages of the investment life cycle. We make use of our long track record with these types of engagements to provide our clients with well-founded answers and concrete recommendations.

Whether for acquisitions or divestitures, we put in place and execute for our clients an integrated process that meets the highest professional standards. The total transparency that we create at each step of the process guaranties the level of control that our clients require.

Private Investment Monitor

Monitoring and reporting of a different kind. We go beyond the usual methods to focus on the source of company performance: the value creation mechanisms and how they fare. The result: more visibility, a better assessment of risks, and a much closer link between the investor and his investment.

Investment clinic

At any time during the life of his investment, the investor may become aware of facts that raise questions and require answers. We use our extensive experience of planning and implementing change within companies and the unique insight into the company gathered through the Private Investment Monitor to provide an on-demand dialogue platform with the investor. Professional, and informed, input available anytime to strengthen the investor’s hand.